Title: Unbreakable
Premiered: 2003-10-14
Category: Romance
Song: Westlife Unbreakable
Anime: Ayashi No Ceres

Comments: This is my first video I ever made and of course I choosed to make it of oneof my favourite series.
I think it turned out really well so check it out.
It's made in Premiere 6.0 and crossfading is what I used the most.
A romantic movie for all who wants to float away on their little white cloud.

Title: Angel Sanctuary
Premiered: 2003-11-22
Category: Action / Drama/ Romance
Song: Linkin Park In The End
Anime: Angel Sanctuary

Comments: Oh I don't think I've ever had so much trouble rendering the final product as I had with this one...
I first used the wrong size for the screen and it turned out really weird.... when I tried to change it I couldn't so I had to do alot of part rendering and pasting together...
awww blah..
anyway it's finaly DONE!!!

Title: All the things she said
Premiered: 2003-11-17
Category: Drama
Song: TATU - all the things she said
Anime: .hack//SIGN

Comments: My second music video. This time I used Adobe premiere Pro.
I had a hard time in the beginning to figure out how it worked since I was used to Premier 6.0, but it seems like I figured it out ^^
This one felt good to do right now since my head is totally messed up and I needed something different. And I liked the outcome.
Check it out yourself and be sure to tell me what you think!

Title: i - Wish you were here
Premiered: 2003-12-07
Category: Drama/Romance
Song: Rednex - Wish you were here
Anime: I -wish you were here

Comments: yay! I finally got some time to make a video out of another fave serie of mine ^^ i - wish you were here!
I've always liked the song wish you were here with Rednex and when I saw this anime I couldn't resist the idea to make a video!
I'm getting better and better at using Premiere so hopefully you will like this video ^^

Title: How can I not love you...
Premiered: 2006-01-03
Category: Game / romance
Song: How can I not love you
Game: World of Warcraft

Comments: My first in game video. Looks really nice though I dont have the best graphic card so it's abit laggy sometimes. But it turned out quite ok ^^
This video got abit of an inside story which only people who play they game may realise hehe.
But if you like nice graphics and 3D animations you should check it out!

Title: Push it to the limit!
Premiered: 2005-02-28
Category: comedy / IRL
Song: Push it to the limit
Video project course

Comments: A real video filmed by me and my friends. We created this video for a school project and it turned out quite good... hehe atleast really funny.
If you want a good laugh you better watch it. You will even to be able to see my sword skills hahah.. it's me in the white armour... hahah

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