Based in Luleå, Sweden, specialize in design and computer graphics.
This site been up running now for over 6 years and we hope to be able to go on for a long time.'s creator is me Kamirura Tsukino and I stand for all the art and code of the sites. One of's goals is to create unique web pages out of unique graphics. That's why we only use own produced graphics.

Hire us to create your web page

To hire us to create your web page just drop us an email and we will discuss what you need and price for a site. We glady accept all kinds of  web pages.
We have excellent skills in:

*  Graphics
*  Picture editing
*  Graphic compression
*  Java
*  Video editing
*  Video compressing

We also do Flash and some PHP.

The Network

The network consit of many different web pages. All in the genere of japanese games and videos. The goal with the network is to creat a site where you can find rare stuff of your favourite game or series.  You are welcome to send us tips of what kind of site you would like to see in the network. And sites you think the net is missing :)

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